Welcome my fellow Funky Beer Drinkers!

On a journey to try all the craziest funkiest creative craft beer! How I got here? My beer drinking started like most people with my old brother Brodyman giving me beers and he is a big Coors light drinker and on the mindset of drinking the same beer day and night! My Japanese stomach could not handle all the coors you need to get a buzz! The first beer that opened my mind to different beer profiles was a ballast point watermelon dorado, it tasted so perfect on a hot summer day and at a 10% I only needed one to start to feel a buzz! Perfection! After that the San Diego breweries were my shit between ballast point and stone brewery, I was understanding there is a whole another world of creative beer! Then the next big beer change for me was moving to Rochester NY which has the most breweries per capita in the northeast outside of Portland Maine! all the breweries was one thing but all the creativity and collaborations between all the breweries blow my mind and I’m ready to bring you on my beer Madness Journey! Cheers! ??